Real Time Answers LLC offers products and services that allow users to get immediate and certifiably correct answers to their ad hoc information requests.

To achieve the overall objectives in the new space of "exact answers", the company offers these services:

Database Integrity Analysis

    To always generate Exact Answers from an ad hoc database query, an obvious necessity is to have "correct facts" in the database.

    Real Time Answers' database experts can quickly identify database integrity problems, using our patent pending DB Certifier product.

    Both Entity Integrity (EI) problems (i.e., duplicate records) and Referential Integrity (RI) problems are detected (e.g., "orphaned" rows whose Foreign Key values point to non-existing parent-table Primary Key values). Normal form anomalies are found and corrected to assure at least Fourth Normal Form.

    Our database consultants can assist your database administrator and I.T. staff to correct any database integrity problems.

DB Intelligization™

    Providing exact answers to ad hoc user queries requires more 'database meta knowledge' to enable automatic navigation algorithms for automatic SQL generation. (We call this "intelligizing" the database).

    Upon initial scanning of your database's metadata, business rules are inferenced and then verified by your database administrator. For your data-savvy staff: we can enforce any Foreign Key Unification rules inherent in the database, even if you use Surrogate Keys.

Testing and training for Certifiably Correct Queries

    Our database analysis and setup process usually takes only three to five weeks. At that point we can help your end users try out their own ad hoc database queries, using our own NLQuery product. We'll demonstrate how our solution navigates through dozens or hundreds of tables in a database, generating Certifiably Correct SQL queries.

    Our staff can also show how our technology acts as a "front-end" to other popular ad hoc reporting and graphing solutions, since getting "exact answers" from these products rests on the underlying database integrity and correct SQL generation that Real Time Answers excels at.