Real Time Answers LLC is introducing a new set of products that allow users to get immediate and certifiably correct answers to their ad hoc information requests.

Each product described below achieves a particular benefit and will be offered separately on its own, while also working together to achieve the overall objectives in the new space of "exact answers".


    Generates Exact Answers in seconds, straight from your own organization's databases.

    Allows your business users to generate their own Reports and Graphs, freeing up your IT staff for other matters.

    Since NLQuery generates Certifiably Correct Answers, your users can be assured of "the single version of truth" in their reports and graphs.

DB Certifier™

    Scans your database metadata looking for any Database Integrity problems. Invaluable for eliminating 'garbage in garbage out' problems. Scans database both initially and whenever a database structure is changed.

    Both Entity Integrity (EI) problems (i.e., duplicate records, no Primary Key) and Referential Integrity (RI) problems are detected (e.g., "orphaned" rows whose Foreign Key values point to non-existing parent-table Primary Key values).

    Normal form anomalies are also detected.

    Any problems or anomalies are reported to your database administrator.

    Depending on the 'cleanliness' of your database (from a Database Integrity viewpoint),
         a Level of Certification is assigned to the target database.

DB Intelligizer™

    Upon initial scanning of your database's metadata, business rules are inferenced and then verified by your database administrator.

    Enforces any Foreign Key Unification rules inherent in the database.

    Provides the foundation for our patent-pending Query Certifier automatic navigation algorithms for automatic SQL generation.

Query Certifier™

    Navigates through dozens or hundreds of tables in a database, generating Certifiably Correct SQL queries.

    Generates Exact Answers for both NLQuery and for other popular ad hoc reporting and graphing solutions.