Real Time Answers LLC is an innovation-driven software company dedicated to the proposition that end users need and want immediate access to actionable information stored in relational databases (aka, Real Time Answers™).

With the current emphasis on more exact search (witness Wolfram Alpha *), and on end user reports and graphs (witness QlikView *, Tableau *), the company's management believes that "the time is right" for innovations that can automatically produce exact answers to users' ad hoc requests.

Founder and CEO

Real Time Answers LLC was founded in early 2009 by Marvin Elder, a serial entrepreneur with over 40 years experience in relational database design, ad hoc database query processing, natural language processing and business rules.

Marvin is a pioneer in end-user computing, having invented the world's first desktop database language with built-in Natural Language (Salvo®, 1984).

Marvin also invented a PC-based Integrated CASE Tool in the 1990s (Inroads™), which included an ad hoc query tool, Visual Query™, a product that allowed users to construct ad hoc queries by 'pointing and clicking' on elements of a graphical data model. (Note: Real Time Answers' new implementation of Visual Query is completely redesigned as a web-based application).

He was also the inventor of one of the few enterprise-level Natural Language ad hoc query products in existence today: Semantra® (implemented in 2007 at the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality). See the following Dr. Dobbs Journal interview with Elder regarding Semantra: here

To see a list of Marvin's inventions over his I.T. career, including an ACM Proceedings publication in 1984 of his SALVO Natural Language product, click here.

Co-Founder and CTO

Real Time Answers LLC's Co-Founder and CTO, Michael Nash, is a technologist with over 30 years experience in a wide variety of use cases for computer applications, ranging from hugely scaled business applications offered over the internet with millions of users in multiple countries, to natural language processing and business rules.

Michael's expertise in highly scalable architecture and concurrency control is particularly advantageous to the Company for its "de facto go-to database search engine", positioned as a complementary product to the major search products.

Michael has written two books and teaches a class on advanced computer programming.


Wolfram Alpha is a registered trademark of Wolfram Research.
QlikView is a registered trademark of Qlik Technologies, Inc.
Tableau is a registered trademark of Tableau Software.
Inroads is a trademark of Marvin Elder.
Visual Query is a trademark of Marvin Elder.
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