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Tired of wading through multiple clicks to get information? Disappointed in not getting exact answers  from the Natural Language search tools on smart phones?

Now you can get Exact Answers instantly,  straight from targeted databases, including your own organization's databases.   The product is web based, so you can get answers any time anywhere.

NLQuery   generates Certifiably Correct  Answers

Getting exact answers requires the coupling of Natural Language and Database Queries (eg, SQL).    But there's a lurking problem with any product that automatically generates database query commands:   If there are dozens (or hundreds) of tables in your database to navigate through to build SQL Join clauses, how do you know that the generated SQL is correct?   Or put another way, can you trust that you're getting the right answer (say to take to the Board tomorrow)?

A key to our end user query product is our Automatic Join Navigation.   With our patent-pending Semantic Query Optimizer™,  users can have utmost confidence in the accuracy of NLQuery  's results.

NLQuery  incorporates both Natural Language search and visual drag and drop queries

The second method we use to assure exact answers is our Visual Request Specification (VisReqs ™ )    methodology.

NLQuery 's Natural Language search tool attempts to "understand" your request, but if some phrase or phrases in your request are not recognized by our patent-pending Natural Language Understanding (NLU) algorithms, you can "teach" the system the correct answer by using the product's manual drag-drop query generation method. With VisReqs, you can visually inspect and verify the accuracy of NLQuery  's results.

Contact Real Time Answers and let us show you how you can:

  • Use NLQuery to generate your own reports and graphs.
  • Always get the 'single version of truth' with our patent-pending Semantic Query Optimizer™.